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Hey there! I'm Anna Garcia, an actor and comedian that makes things.


Oh! How did all that happen?

It all started with a community theatre production of Peter Cottontail where I played Parsley, Peter's second youngest bunny sibling. I was seven years old and had a bright yellow fleece onesie. On opening night I forgot the first of my three lines- "But where is Peter, Mama?" SUCH an amateur. Emblazoned by the spirit of Parsnip­, my career launched forward, going on to champion roles like Rumplestiltskin, Mowgli, and Stuart Little. I played an excellent boy/mouse-boy back in the day.

Neat. What do you do now? 
My love for performing has grown since the onesie days, along with a number of other passions. I graduated May 2017 from the University of Michigan with a B.A. in Film, where I learned to write, direct, act and edit for TV, movies, and sketch comedy. Now I'm out here in Los Angeles, California, scrappy and ready for adventure. Since moving here I've been in a number of TV shows, commercials, improv troupes, and more (and I'm still humble? How does she do it?)

Anna you are hot and cool!
Thanks! I moved to LA 5 years ago, and honestly? I am having a good time! There are a lot of great arcades and ice cream shops here. You can see more of my face in tv shows like Hacks, Superstore, and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Or in commercials for products like ATT, Duracell, or Walmart (I do not support capitalism). OR hosting my show at The Elysian Theater/ performing on a house team at UCB. I hope my Dad is proud.

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